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Master Thesis

Master Theses:

We are very pleased that you are interested in writing a master thesis at our institute. The procurement procedures differ depending on whether you want to write in the health or insurance Economics. A prerequisite for being assigned a supervisor and having your Master thesis accepted, it is the compulsory participation in the Master thesis colloquium.

Please also note that additional information will be provided by the faculty.

Health Economics:

Each year, we compile a list of current health economic topics. The topics will be presented in a short presentation by our assistant researchers. You can then give your five priorities, after which the master thesis will be assigned. For questions in the field of health economics, please contact Dr. Jan Zeidler.


Insurance Economics:

The registration procedure for a master thesis in insurance economics is as follows: The first step is to write an email on your interest in insurance economics, a short motivational statement, the desired application date and a current transcript to Miguel Rodriguez GonzalezThen you will receive-depending on the topic proposal and the workload- an email for the possible further elaboration of the fundamental research subject or the focus of your master thesis.

If you would like to develop your own topic (e.g. In cooperation with a company), the proposal will be preceded by an exposé prepared by you in which you describe the following aspects in a maximum of one page: title (German/English), problem definition/ objective, methods, procedures (theoretical or conceptual approaches), expected findings for research/ practice as well as basic literature (from international, peer-reviewed journals).

In order to promote the exchange of practical experiences, topics that are dealt within the cooperation of a company, assistance from the company would be preferred.