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Risk and Insurance

Research at the Institute contains primarily all economic fields connected to the insurance industry. Topics in the fields of insurance law, insurance mathematics and health economics can be handeld efficiently due to the close and interdisciplinary cooperation with the Competence Center for Risk and Insurance as well as with the Center for Health Economics. This wide-spread approach condenses in a variety of scientific and also industry-relevant insights.

In the past the following topics were worked on:

  • Behavioural Analysis of the insured with empirical methods
  • Market processes and Management strategies in financial service markets
  • Economic impacts of regulations (concerning the insurance market)
  • Controlling in insurance companies
  • Simulation of insurance markets and use of expert-systems


The current emphasis in research covers the following research fields:

Risk and Risk Management

Risk-mentality of companies, Risk of companies, Integrated Risk Management, Instruments of Risk Management, Readiness to assume risk by several groups in organizations.


Insurance demand of companies

The importance of Insurance in the context of Risk Management, demand for specific insurance, Terror-insurance in Germany, Decision Theory, optimal demand-structure for securities.


Market structure and market development

Future structure of national and international markets for insurance and financial services, Impact of Solvency II, Developments of health systems with private and statutory health insurance, Impacts of the demands for transparency for life and health insurance after BVerfG July 26th, 2005, Asymmetric information in insurance and financial service markets, demand analysis.


Linkage in the insurance industry

The analysis of the linkage between insurance and other economic sectors, input/output analysis, Linkage and interdependencies of insurers, reinsurers and financial markets, insurance as source of innovation and loss prevention, private, statutory and company-related retirement provision.

Health economic research